Fifty MORE Steps

Lesson Plans & Notes

Recommended Use of Mental Health Promotional Activities for Classroom Application.
Resources marked with this icon have video components that can be accessed by clicking on the icon.

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

  • Nobody’s Bully (Responding to Harassment)
  • Get Over It (Understanding the Stages of Counseling)
  • Hoops (Navigating Social Circles & Personal Responsibility)
  • Timber! (Learning to believe in yourself)
  • Tripping Up (What happens when you leave Personal Problems lying around)
  • Wrap This! (Helping students learn how to “Wrap” their head/thoughts/feelings around difficult outcomes)

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

  • The Shoe Box (Defined by Character)
  • Stuck (Dealing with Desperate Behaviors)
  • EzOrigami (Overcoming & Turning Obstacles into a Resume)
  • Our Gang (Identifying precursors & predictors of gang involvement)
  • Self Defense (Navigating Away from Unwanted Conflict)
  • Super Car! (Working Together in Understanding, Identifying, & Shifting into Super Personality Styles)

Seventh Grade

  • 3-D (Adjusting Perspective)
  • PAT (Positive Attitude Training)
  • Lost (Getting a Handle on Death/Loss)
  • Tug O’ War & More (Understanding & Developing a Stress Management Program)
  • Protecting The Dream (Keeping your goals safe from self destruction)

Eighth Grade

High School

  • Flashback: The Sequel (Dealing with negative memories & experiences)
  • Labels (Building skills to label and to cope with challenging personal life events)
  • B.R.T. (But Reduction Treatment) Power point presentation only
  • Predictions (Preparing for Potential Personal Crisis)
  • The Letter (Pursuing Happiness)


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