Fifty Steps Closer

Special Revised Edition



Table of Contents

1. Goals and Objectives: Counseling Introduction

2. A Team: Building Families and Teams

3. The Juggler: Learning Multi-Tasking Skills

4. Recycling Myself: Changing Non-Productive Behaviors

5. Bop! Pull! Twist!: Learning to Follow Directions

6. Stressful Events: Recognizing and Dealing with Symptoms of Stress

7. Overcoming Obstacles: Achieving Goals through Adversity

8. Twister: Avoiding “Uncomfortable” Character Situations

9. The Private Investigator: The Search & Rescue of Positive Attributes

10. Star Search: Creating Positive Patterns

11. Rock and Sand: Adjusting Expectations

12. Tower of Power: Building Stronger Families

13. The Power of Perception: Matching Moods & Facial Clues

14. Serving Thanks: Recognizing and Expressing Gratitude

15. Bugs: An Exercise in Anger Management & More

16. Giving Gifts: Identifying Heartfelt Gifts

17. X’s and O’s: Taking, Accepting, and Learning Responsibility

18. Brave, Foolish, Cool, or Goofy?: Evaluating Behaviors

19. Bull’s-Eye: Learning & Accepting to do your Best

20. The Challenge: Re-thinking Impulsivity

21. Batteries Included: Discovering the Energy Within

22. Top Spin: Putting Optimism into Action

23. Working Together: Establishing and Achieving Common Goals

24. MYOB: Report, Inform and Learning when to…

25. The Big Experiment: The Effect of Colors and Music on Emotions

26. The Game: Making Your Way through Ambiguity

27. Going Through Yuck: Perseverance in finding Positives

28. Rock and Sock Robots: Victory through Peaceful Behaviors

29. Sailing: For the Sake of the Crew

30. The Secret Recipe: Creating Desired Outcomes

31. Inside Out: Seeing Beyond & Beneath Exteriors

32. Jumping to Conclusions: Focus on Feelings

33. Building Friendship: Understanding the Value of Trust

34. Balloons: Letting go of Worry

35. Forgiveness: Figuring out Forgiving

36. Recognizing Friends: Sorting out Friendships

37. The Great Masquerade: Being Prepared for Betrayal and Deception

38. The Bridge: Setting Goals and Securing Supports

39. I’ve Got a Secret: Understanding the Secret behind Secrets

40. Right? Wrong? Depends? Applying Principles to Situations

41. Super Hero: Promise Keepers & Responsibility Takers

42. Sequence Makes Sense: Telling the Entire Story

43. Round and Round We Go: Saving the Group

44. Popsicle Stick: Relationship Maintenance and Repair

45. Tough Change: Transforming Difficult Memories

46. The Puzzle: Protecting the Void of Loss

47. Risky Business: Consequences of Taking Chances

48. Priorities: Trial by Fire on the Hot Seat

49. Sticky Hands: Sanitizing Temptations

50. In Our Absence: Let your Conscious be your Guide

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