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Dr. Nick Minardi has been a credentialed school counselor for over twenty years. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is licensed as a clinical psychologist in the state of California. He has worked in a variety of settings ranging from kindergartens to correctional facilities including residential treatment centers, psychiatric in and out patient programs, and of course, schools.

Two of Dr. Nick’s greatest inspirations in starting and seeing “Fifty Steps” through have been his children, Bailey, and Maxwell. Whether in the beginning or here and now, his two kids have, and will always be his super heroes!



Dr. Nicholas Minardi was raised in Omaha, Nebraska and following high school, moved to Mitchell, South Dakota to attend Dakota Wesleyan University. Upon graduation, he enrolled at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota to obtain a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling.

After several years of providing school counseling services, Dr. Nick moved to California and entered into the clinical psychology program at Rosebridge Graduate School of Integrative Psychology (now Argosy University.) He continues to enjoy his work as a school counselor and psychologist.


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The revised edition contains a significant number of improvements, clarifications, and expansions.


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