Suspension Intervention Services

School suspensions occur thousands of times everyday throughout the United States. Children, Adolescents & Teenagers are suspended from their schools for a variety of reasons under various state educational codes. Typically, those educational code violations include but are not limited to:

  • Defiance
  • Bullying Behaviors
  • Drug Education Counseling
  • Fighting (anger management)
  • Gender Targeted Harassment
  • Property Defacement & Destruction
  • Conflict Resolution Skill Training

Often as a condition and or recommendation of suspension, students are required to seek the support of a qualified professional as a means of assessment & intervention before returning to school. Research shows that timely interventions help to reduce both the frequency and severity of suspensions and in many cases prevents future suspensions and expulsions.

For families with limited time, financial, transportation, & insurance resources available, seeking support for their child to address suspension issues can be time consuming, frustrating & expensive. With Suspension Intervention Services students will be given an appointment within three school days from the time their parent/guardian calls. A letter of verification will also be provided to the family stating their child/student had been seen and what the recommendations for that student are.

To help facilitate suspended students return to school, parents/guardians need only:

  1. Click on this Make Appointment link. Authorize an appointment payment of 30.00 dollars with Suspension Intervention Services. Be sure to provide your phone number and email address.

  2. Suspension Intervention Services will then contact you with an appointment date & time for you (with your child) within 3 school/business days to occur either in person, through video conference or by telephone.

  3. Upon completion of the appointment, you will receive documentation from Suspension Intervention Services stating your child is receiving intervention services along with specific recommendations as needed for your student.

For any questions regarding Suspension Intervention Services protocol and procedures, please contact


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